Gummy Box Sweets – new range!

New range of Gummy Box sweets and gifts!

The Gummies at Gummy Box sweets have been working extra long gummy hours to bring you new sweets, new gifts and a lot more surprises! Gummy Box specialise in more than halal sweets, we also have a passion for creative gifts! Sweets are eaten alone but best when shared! For this reason sweets makes lovely gifts. What better to make sweet moments, than with sweets!

Gummy Box Sweets

Gummy Box brings you what you want. Gummy box sweets include the best cola bottles and many more jelly sweets. Gummy Box sweets also include your traditional favourites such as bonbons, cola cubes, millions even kinder surprise eggs!

We're always adding something new. New jelly sweets. New retro sweets. New chocolates. Even new diabetic friendly sweets! Gummy Box is also going organic! Keep an eye on our out on our website and facebook!

Gummy Box Sweets Gift Hampers

Introducing gummy box sweets gift hampers! We're always adding new gift hampers. We've got the halal sweet gift hamper for mummy and baby. The fathers day gift hamper. Let's not forget the very popular candle gift set hamper. Many more new hampers coming soon by Gummy Box! We'll have a whole range of gift hampers for mummys, daddies, babies and buddies! A gift hamper for everyone!

gummy box sweets Halal sweet gift hamper for mummy and baby

Gift Jars

Gummy Box will be adding a range of gift jars to go with along with all our tasty treats. From Victorian style sweet jars, jumbo victorian sweet jars to cookie jars. You're sure to find a jar to suit your price and taste.

gummy box sweets gift jar victorian

We're always adding new products to our line. Halal jelly sweets, new gifts, favours and party accessories! Much more coming soon.

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