Halal Pick n Mix Favours

Halal Pick n Mix Favours


A 100g pack of assorted halal pick n mix gummy sweets beautifully tied with a ribbon colour of your choice and a personalised label.

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Halal Pick n Mix Favours with all your favourites!

Halal Pick n Mix Favours is a delightful assortment of your favourite halal jelly sweets just as you'd find them in the halal pick n mix sweets surprise but personalised to your choice of bag and ribbon colour and a custom label! Really spoil your guests and loved ones with 100g of halal jelly sweets!

The Gummy Box halal pick n mix favours is ideal for events and parties were you want to keep your guests pecking for longer! Pick your pack and get pecking!

With the popularity of the halal pick n mix sweets surprise for events we decided to upgrade it and make it a permanent member of favours club, joining the lovely sweet cones. These favour pack are a cheap and cheerful way to give out all the taste of jelly sweets in multicoloured candy stripe bags. If you're looking for the taste of pick n mix in a more eye appealing presentation then why not try our mini, medium and jumbo cones!

Dietary Information/manufactures claims;
Jelly sweets, are not suitable for Vegetarians as they contain Halal Beef Gelatine
These sweets are suitable for a Halal Diet.
Halal Pick n Mix Sweets contain only natural colours.

Allergy Warnings/Advice
Jelly Sweets contain Halal Beef Gelatine 

Product Advice Notes
May contain some broken/ miss-shaped sweets.
Sweets shape/ size/ colour/ style/ packaging/ flavours/ texture/ taste may vary per batch and everyone’s taste buds and opinions do vary.
These jelly sweets are everyone's favourite. The great thing with these jelly sweets is that you may not have tasted a particular sweet before. With this halal Sweets Surprise you get a taste of everything. We sell all the halal jelly sweets in individual 100g packs as well. If you like certain sweets then you can always purchase 100g of those particular sweets from our pick n mix sweets section. However, the bursting taste of so many different halal pick n mix sweets in your mouth in one go is something that must be experienced!


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