Cola Bottles

Cola Bottles


Price is per 100g of Halal Cola Bottles.


Cola Bottles HMC Halal Jelly Sweets.

Halal Cola bottles are just one of the tasty jelly sweets that we do. We do a wide range of halal jelly sweets. Our pick n mix pack contains a mixture of the range that we do but we also sell them in individual 100g packs so everyone can buy their favourates! We do the full range from your childhood classic favourites to some new delights.

Cola bottles aren't the only bottles we do! We also do raspberry bottles, pink and blue bottles and some new must try flavours such as watermelon bottles!

If you order  a large quantity we normally package them in individual 100g packs easy for you to share out! But if you'd like the sweets packaged together please let us know by e-mail or leave a message during ordering and we'll let you know the quantity we can package.

Cola bottles are full of the classic cola flavour! We pick our sweets suppliers carefully and we've found these to be the most deliciously cola flavoured sweets around! In addition, our cola bottles are HMC certified!

Ingredients for Cola Bottles: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Beef Gelatine (Halal), Citric Acid, Apple Juice from Concentrate (1%), Colours (E150d), Vegetable Oil, Flavourings, Glazing Agents (Carnauba Wax, Beeswax)

Dietary Information/manufactures claims;
Not suitable for Vegetarians as they contain Halal Beef Gelatine
These Sweets are Suitable for the Halal Diet.
Contains only natural colours.

Allergy Warnings/Advice
Contains Beef Halal Gelatine

Product Advice Notes
May contain some broken/ miss-shaped sweets.
Sweets shape/ size/ colour/ style/ packaging/ flavours/ texture/ taste may vary per batch and everyone's taste buds and opinions do vary. Ingredients may also change from time to time by the manufacturer, we therefore recommend if you have any particular allergies or are sensitive to a particular ingredient please contact us before ordering.


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